The College Jacket Saga Continues....

Here we have version four of the Jalie frankenpattern.  This particular version nearly didn't happen.  My daughter was not sure that her brother would wear anything she had made so was reluctant to make it.  The problem my teenage son has, however, is that he hasn't grown yet which means he is limited for choice in rtw clothing (no self respecting teenager wants to be seen shopping in the childrens department).  I think this may have been the primary motivator behind this particular jacket.  To ensure he r..e..a..l..l..y liked it, we took him shopping to pick his own fabric combinations.....there were no leftovers used in the creation of this particular jacket.  He chose a charcoal grey poly cotton brushed sweat shirting for the body, royal blue brushed poly cotton sweat shirting for the sleeves and red cotton ribbing for the bands and red and blue felt for the lettering.  Incidentally, if you were wondering about the significance of the "B", it is the first letter of his surname.

My daughter drafted a size 13 of Jalie 2795 for this jacket and again added 2cm to the centre front for the overlap, and cut a facing. She also cut a piece of sweat shirting to add to the bands at the front also, in keeping with the college jacket style.

The weather here has cooled off significantly since the weekend, to the point that I had to turn the heating on for the first time this morning, until the sun came up, so the time has come for warmer layers.  My son wore this jacket all day yesterday, even wearing it out with his mates.  He also told his mates that his sister made the jacket.....of course his mates did not believe him.  That in itself is the ultimate compliment!


  1. What an excellent jacket. I am so impressed with your daughter's redesign. I have used this pattern many times for myself and my daughters and particularly admire how she has made it look very masculine with her drafting and pattern changes. The collar shape and front placket extending through the bottom band look terrific.

  2. I'm a big fan of this style of jacket. I was actually looking at a few in a vintage shop today. You're really getting your money's worth out of that pattern. Well done.

  3. Fantastic! Your daughter did a brilliant job, it looks so professionally finished and a very cool style. Please pass to her on my admiration of her work!


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