Channeling Marilyn

My daughter had a murder mystery party to go to over the weekend.  The year was 1949 and her character was supposed to be both a socialite jewel thief and art thief.  She decided to base her character on Marilyn Monroe given the timing was correct, and she wanted "that dress" .  I already had New Look 6557 in my stash, so this was my starting point.

I then set about trying to come up with suitable fabric that wouldn't break the bank, given that this was a costume and therefore a one hit wonder.  I tried every Op shop I could think of and in desperation visited my favourite fabric shop, Fabric Vision.  I must have dropped in on the right day because sitting on the $3 table was the largest roll of duchess satin in white....perfect!  For a total investment of $9 I had a dress, minus the trimmings of course.

I have made this dress up before here  This time however, I needed to add fullness to the skirt, like the original.  The original however was pleated and I wanted to gather.   So, I ended up making a fusion of two skirt patterns,  New Look 6557 and Simplicity 2443.  I liked the fullness in the Simplicity pattern but needed the shaping at the waist of the New Look pattern.  I added the sash/belt as the original also had a small sash/belt of similar proportions.  Unfortunately, all of the curling of hair, makeup and nails took longer than any of us anticipated and she was running fashionably late and forgot to put on the belt.  It was a shame but, oh well, know one else noticed!


  1. bet your daughter loves this dress - I think it will be more than a one hit wonder !

  2. Nice dress, and what a bargain! I'm sure she will wear this beauty again...
    Thanks for your comment, and in reply, well my neighbours would be completely unaware! The truth is I am very shy, and wouldn't even dream of taking out my camera unless I am in an isolated spot and the coast is clear. If someone else did pop up I would wait until I was alone again!
    What do your neighbours think of you taking your own photo?

  3. I hate to think what the neighbours would think of me taking my photograph. Fortunately for me, I am short so they probably wouldn't see me over the fence anyway. Fortunately also, our back yard is quite secluded. I have wondered though, when I have taken my photo in the park and have on occasion seen curious people trying not to be seen watching. If I were to be seen by someone I knew....then I would be more than slightly embarassed!

    I would like to think my daughter will wear this dress again, but given she is still 15, and her social events are more suited to jeans than anything else, I have my doubts.

  4. She looks gorgeous, all that hair curling etc is very glam, even if it did take ages. The dress does not look at all costumey. What a bargain for the fabric!


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