The Evolution Of The Jalie Jacket

My daughter recently spent the weekend tramping and quickly realised that her wardrobe lacked a suitable sweatshirt, hers being mostly cotton.  On her return she trawled through my fabric stash and found some red and black wind fleece which was left over from a trench coat I made for her about 8 years ago.  She asked me to make her a jacket, but I had my doubts whether there would be enough fabric.  Given that it had sat in my stash for 8 years though, I was understandably keen to see the fabric made up finally. 

Instantly my thoughts turned to Jalie 2795, which I first made up here and I knew that this was the best option for this fabric.  It had no stretch though, being a bonded fleece so cuffs and a waistband would be out of the question.  I ended up cutting both the sleeves and body longer so I could just turn and hem it.  I ran into trouble though when I cut the pocket facings and because I had absolutely no fabric left I had to piece several pieces together.  Fortunately, unless the jacket is turned inside out, know one will ever know.  I rescued a zip out of an unworn jacket in my husbands wardrobe, so in the end this project cost me nothing!

This story doesn't end here however....the success of this jacket got me thinking about all of the other left over pieces of fleece in my stash that have been sitting around for more years than I care to mention...... 


  1. Great jacket and that colour looks great on your daughter. It's a great feeling when you make something completely from the stash.

  2. What a a great make from your stash. It's a lovely colour and I'm sure your daughter will get loads of wear from it.

  3. That is so satisfying when you can use old stash up and even better that your daughter loves it. Your new creation looks really good.


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