We Will Remember Them

To all of the New Zealanders and Australians reading this, whether you are attending dawn parades or simply enjoying the opportunity for a sleep in, I hope you are having a relaxing Anzac day.  Although not attending this year, I did have the opportunity to attend a parade in Melbourne inadvertantly 6 years ago.

Given the relaxing nature of the day, I thought I would share with you a project that has hit just the right note.  Remember this fabric haul when I said that the polar fleece I had bought would be made into something for my boys.......

well, here it is.  This fabric is super soft and snugly, so, perfect for a dressing gown.  Given my son is 13, I wanted plenty of room for growth, so, using his old one as a pattern I slightly enlarged it but added heaps of extra length to both the body and the sleeves.

For this particular project, I decided I wanted a professional looking finish so this involved my coverstitch machine.  I still haven't quite perfected the use of this machine yet so the setting up for such thick fabric involved quite a bit of fiddling round but I ended up coverstitching the heck out of the thing in the end.  I used it up the fronts, around the hood, the tops of the pockets, hem and the belt tabs.  I am really happy with the final product, as is my son who wears it daily.


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