The Evolution Of The Jalie Jacket (part two)

I did say there would be more stash busting happening, didn't I?  This time I have rescued a nearly new polar fleece vest made with beautiful fleece and a piece of left over velour fleece that was left over from a jacket I made my youngest when he was really little.  I thought I would try out the kid's versions of Jalie 2795.   According to the sizing, my youngest, who the jacket is intended for, was a size 8, which is what I would have expected given his age and size. 

My son is obsessed with the British boy band, One Direction and the way they dress so I thought I would make an American college jacket inspired version of the Jalie jacket, because these are everywhere this autumn.  I bought a very expensive rtw one from a well known children's label a few weeks back only to get it home and realise that one of the seams had not been sewn properly and it had a gaping hole.  I returned it and got my money back.

Because of my lack of fabric, on my version, I decided to make the sleeves black and the front and back blue.  I used a recycled zip so all in all this jacket cost me nothing.

I am pretty happy with the final results but do wish I had chosen to go up a couple of sizes when drafting up the pattern, because it is quite short in the body.  Unfortunately the kids sizing runs quite small in this pattern.

Now my daughter has decided that this version is not quite authentic enough and has vowed to do this space!


  1. You are making excellent use of both this pattern and your scraps! Congratulations!
    I have to admit, I had never heard of One Direction until today I saw on the news that they have arrived in Sydney. They have been the cause of fair dinkum female teenage HYSTERIA there!! pretty amazing stuff. They all were wearing plain Tshirts and cardigans, very stylish and clean-cut. I liked their fashion restraint.

  2. Another great jacket - I think I need to get my hands on a copy of that pattern. My girls love 1D but thankfully not to the extent of some of the young things I saw hyperventilating on the TV this morning!


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