Jalie.....Yet Again

This project was part of the whole Jalie holiday saga and the "straw that broke the camels back" so far as the commercial overlocker was concerned.  The problem was, that this jacket is made of boiled wool and the poor machine just said "enough is enough" and spat the dummy!

The starting point was this boiled wool jacket that belonged to my husband and he no longer wore.  We bought the burgundy red fleece, ribbing and felt to finish the project.  The pockets were left as is and the front and back were cut from the vest, adding extra for the snaps at the front.   This was the third college inspired jacket that my daughter had made so this one was completed without any help from me, other than the odd bit of advice here and there.  It took longer to complete than planned due to the unfortunate overlocker saga, but the final result, I think,  is outstanding and will be a super warm addition to my daughters winter wardrobe.


  1. Your daughter is going great guns with those college jackets! Very very cool. I'm tempted to make one myself!


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