March Wrap Up

March has not been a very productive month on the clothing  front.  For the purpose of this particular exercise however, I am only including clothing so I have left out the cushions that I also made.

Racing Striped Swimming Trunks
Fabric $30.00
Pattern Self Drafted
Elastic Free From Stash
Total $30.00

Green Bat Wing Tee
Fabric $4.00
Pattern $8.00
Total $12.00

Floral Dress
Fabric $16.00
Pattern Used Before
Total $16.00

Puffed Sleeve Tee
Fabric $16.00
Pattern $8.00
Total $24.00

March Total $52.00

It is really hard to pick a favourite from this lot.  I love the dress because of the colours and the feel of the fabric and I also love the puffed sleeve tee for all of the same reasons.  On the other hand, I am pretty pleased with myself for managing to knock off a pretty professional looking pair of swim trunks for my son at a fraction of the retail price as well.  I think though the dress is the winner by a smidge!


  1. I can se why you love that dress!
    Andrea, if you would like the recipe for that cake then send me your email address (either in a comment, or if you prefer you can send a private message via Pattern Review) and I will send it to you. I could not put it on my blog because I think that would be a breach of copyright.


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