Me Made May 2012 - Day One

At 6pm last night winter whipped its tail and we were hit by the first polar blast of the season.  On Sunday I was walking in the park in jandals and my son was wading in the pond in a very pleasant 23 deg C.  Today, however I was scrambling for my winter woollies with the promise of a 13 deg day...brr!  The  Southern Alps have white tops this morning.  The change in weather has added to the challenge of MMM12, because I have been a little behind on my winter clothing production.  On the flip side however it does give me the opportunity to wear my new ankle boots which have been waiting patiently in my wardrobe for the cooler weather to hit.

Since this is my first ever me made challenge, I didn't want to make the task too difficult to accomplish so have chosen to only wear one item per day.  Today, however, given it is day one, I am wearing three me made items.   The top I am wearing is one of my favourites that was recycled from a failed apron top and wrote about here  The skirt is another favourite.  How could it not be, it is black!  It was made earlier this year using a Vogue pattern and I wrote about it here  The third item on my me made list is the deliciously soft scarf that is gracing my neck.  It was knitted several years ago now out of feathers and is a firm favourite each winter.

While I was out today, running errands, I once again popped into my favourite op shop, as I was going past and found a few treasures.  This time, because of my growing stash, I was quite selective and only chose fabrics that I had definite uses for.

In amongst this haul is some gorgeous wool flannel (centre bottom), satin, rugby knit, sweatshirting and heavy polyester knit.  The wool flannel is being used for my current project, which judging by todays weather, is needed now.


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