MMM12 - Day 24

Today was another lovely autumnal day with a crisp start followed by a sunny and still day.  It is nice to be able to walk in the park without being encumbered with bulky jackets.  With June now only a week away, I am fully aware that this weather will not last.  It is a good thing it is Me Made May and not Me Made June or my photos would be variations of the few coats that are my staple throughout the winter.

Today I am wearing a stretch cotton shirt dress made using Simplicity 4190 that I wrote about here  Because it is late autumn I am wearing it today with the addition of a purple merino underneath, long leggings, elastic belt from Max and brogues from World for Number One Shoes.  I am also sporting the same bag as yesterday which contains my tennis racket and ball for exercising my fur friend.


  1. I like the way you have winterised your cotton dress. You have a very cute dog BTW .

  2. Thank dog is looking a little reluctant in this photo because it was about the third time I had dragged her up and down this hill in the name of getting a decent photo!


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