MMM12 - Day Seventeen

The weather today was much nicer than yesterday, a cloudless sunny day with no wind, perfect weather to be outdoors. 

Today I am wearing my new dress.  It was made using a tee shirting weight merino jersey that had been sitting in my stash since last winter.  The colour is a tomato red and it drapes beautifully so lent itself to  Donna Karan Vogue 1179.  I had read on Pattern Review that this particular pattern ran quite large, so I cut out a size 10, grading to a size 12 in the hips.  The arms were meant to be finished with clear elastic but this fabric was quite a stable knit so I felt it didn't require this type of finish and instead just used my cover stitch machine to give a neat finish.  The pattern also required a very deep 10cm hem which I felt looked a little untidy in the pattern photo so I used the cover stitch here again in a much smaller 3cm hem.

I am really happy with the way my dress turned out.  The sizing was spot on and it has made up into a really comfortable casual winter dress.  Would I sew this pattern again?  Probably not, because there is really a limit to how many versions of this type of tunic one person needs but all in all this is a pattern, I would recommend.


  1. My mother has that pattern too, and we were both appalled at the absolutely terrible hem pictured on the envelope! I'm sure your narrower hem is much much better :)
    My mother made it up as a top, with three quarter sleeves

  2. I love this red tunic. It looks great on you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying looking through yours. Megan


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