Me Made May 2012 - Day 3

For today's challenge, I have tried to incorporate three me made items again but realised after the fact that actually, I didn't make the scarf.  It was made by my sister for my daughter who eventually handed it on to me.  Today I am wearing Simplicity 3503 that I wrote about here and black merino cardigan that I wrote about here.  We had the seasons first frost this morning and the temperature had reached the dizzying heights of -1 deg Celsius when I dropped my kids off at school at 8.00 am this morning, thankfully it didn't last and we were rewarded with a warm sunny autumn day.  With tights and boots my outfit proved a warm and colourful way to complete the multitude of pick ups and drop offs required of me on a Thursday.  I even managed to squeeze in a visit to Fabric Vision so I could complete my current project. 


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