New Jeans/MMM12 - Day Twenty Two

This has been rather a saga.  It all started with some lovely stretch denim that I bought in a sale at Lincraft.  I intended to make it into a new pair of Jalie jeans.  This would be my third pair and complacency started to creep in.  I didn't fit the jeans while making them and they fabric was not quite as stretchy as I would have liked.  I also added a curved high waistband.  All of this ended, in hindsight, predictably, in disaster and the jeans are too tight.  I can get them on, but they are less than comfortable, the type of jeans I may have put up with in my teens in the name of fashion but maturity has made me a little more discerning.

So, for now, the jeans remain a ufo.  I am tempted to take off the waistband and try a regular low rise waistband to see if that helps, but I am still in the tossed in the corner head space.

The jeans were made to solve a problem though.  My old Jalie jeans that I wrote about here have become quite thin in the knees due to the amount of crawling around on the floor that I do when cutting out.  This necessitated the making of a new pair, a pair that actually fits so undetered by my jeans disaster, I found some lovely stretchy dark green brushed cotton in my stash and carefully cut out a new pair, slightly wider than my pattern, just to be on the safe side.  I used some printed stretch cotton from the remnant box for inside the pockets so as not to create too much bulk.  Before topstitching my outer leg seams, I basted the inner leg seam to ensure the fit was perfect.  After a few adjustments and a little running in, I was happy with the fit and ripped open the inner leg seam and top stitched my side seam before finishing the jeans.  I am really happy with the way this pair fit.....lesson well and truly learn't.


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