MMM12 - Day 28

The day today started out with blue skies and sunshine.  I put off taking my photo all morning because, well, the novelty of daily photographs is starting to wear thin.  I noticed about mid day, some ominous black clouds creeping across the sun so rushed out to get this shot before the light got too bad.  Today I am wearing the merino knit skirt I made earlier in the month and wrote about here and a bat wing knit tee I made using Vogue 8771 that I wrote about here


  1. Almost there now - you really have sewn some lovely items . Do you think you will do another MMM - I admire people who do this but I know I don`t have the oomph in me to complete one.

  2. I think I will do another but next time I would like to do spring or summer just to mix it up a bit.


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