MMM12 - Day 6

Today was my nieces first birthday and she was "over the moon" with her new teddy bear.  Actually her mother, my sister was more enamoured with it, my niece just wanted the pretty bow that the parcel was decorated with.  It is a busy time in my family for birthdays with 3 nieces and my mother celebrating this week.  Any ho, today my hounds tooth knit dress that I made using Butterick 5523 and wrote about here got it's first outing.  The weather today is overcast and cool and, as you can tell by the picture, quite breezy. 

I had been looking forward to seeing the perigee moon or super moon tonight, but unfortunately because it is overcast, this isn't going to happen.  Oh well, at least the ware wolves won't be keeping me up tonight!


  1. OK, I came here to reply to your comment from yesterday, and did you happen to delete my comment from yesterday...? Tell me I'm not imagining things, I wrote quite a long comment replying to your question about the photo challenges.

  2. That is weird, because it was definitely a comment not an email! Oh well at least you received it, and I didn't dream the whole thing

  3. You are doing really well keeping up with MMM and wearing more than one a day ! I just could not do it so congrats , I really admire anyone who can keep up the pace of photo taking and daily blogging - it seems like a whole job in itself.


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