MMM12 - Day 11

A little greyge today.  This pinafore was made this time last year out of beige/grey ponti knit and I wrote about it here  This particular knit pinafore tunic has become one of my go to pieces for this time of the year for it's warmth, versatility and good looks.  Today, I have paired it with the tee that I made the other day and wrote about on MMM12 - Day9.  The two greys are quite different and when I first paired them, I thought they clashed badly but the look has grown on me over the course of the day.  Just to accentuate the black spot at the side of the tunic, I am also wearing a spotted scarf.  I have finished the whole look off with black wool, yes I know, time to break out the wool again, tights and my go to black riding boots.


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