Leggings are not Pants/MMM12 - Day 30

I have really struggled with the whole leggings trend.  After wearing leggings through two pregnancies I really can't face wearing them again.  My one concession is to wear them with skirts or dresses, when I would otherwise be wearing tights.  When I read in a magazine that slim pull on pants are now replacing leggings, I couldn't have been more delighted and was only too pleased to jump on the current bandwagon.  Finding the two way stretch ponti was easy enough and I managed to pick up a couple of metres on the sale table for $6 per metre at Fabric Vision.  My next challenge was to draft a pattern.  I really wanted to differentiate these from leggings but not make them look like skinny jeans either.  I based my pattern on the Style Arc Laura Leggings pattern but added side seams and added 1cm to the width on each piece.  I then top stitched the outer leg seams and added a waistband and elastic.

I now have a pair of pants that are comfortable like leggings that don't show every lump and bump and can be worn with shorter tops.  Best of all, these pants are as comfortable as my favourite trackies.  Who ever said that you had to sacrifice comfort for style!

These new ponti pants are one of my me made items for today.  I am wearing them with the puffed sleeve tee made using Butterick 5562 and wrote about here and a scarf knitted using feathers.


  1. I love these they look perfect. More substantial than leggings but still achieving the same kind of look.


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