A Day For Ducks Not Bears (MMM12- Day 5)

This weekend my niece has her first birthday so my daughter decided to make her something.  She had some old bear patterns and had seen this lovely semi sparkly fabric at the fabric shop that would be perfect for a bear.  We used micro fleece from the stash for the paws, plastic snaps for the eyes, leftovers from the stash for the ribbon and even made the joints.  How you may ask?  After googling jointed bears, we found some perfect timber from the garage and cut circles with my husbands hole saw, while he wasn't home of course, and then drilled holes in the middle and found some bolts and nuts from his stash to make lock nuts.  The final touch was to embroider the nose with some embroidery thread from my stash.  My daughter is really happy with the results and my niece will have something to treasure for a long time.

While I didn't see any ducks this morning, on my soggy visit to the park, it certainly wasn't the most pleasant day to be out and about.  I can't complain though, because I live in one of the least rainy places in New Zealand.  In fact, most of our rainy days are in the winter and I am sure they all fall on a Saturday. 

In the background is my daughters soccer team, so today's outfit is designed for supporting soccer in the rain. For the record, they didn't win!  Today I am wearing the raincoat I made using Simplicity 2153 that I wrote about here, black Jalie jeans that I wrote about here, Jalie hoody that you can't see and I wrote about here, black scarf that I knitted using feathers (can't remember the exact brand of the yarn sorry), and obligatory gumboots to keep my feet dry.  


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