MMM12 - Day Thirteen

This was the sort of photo I wanted to have as my Mothers Day version of MMM12 - Day 13 photo.  A nice family shot of some of my other me made creations.  The only problem is the me made creation standing to my right, i.e. annoying teenage son, thought it would be hilarious to shove us all into the bushes when the camera shutter went......

so we ended up with lots of shots that looked like this.....okay and lots of laughter as well.  I thought it may have been safer to take another photo later in the day when he was otherwise engaged

For today, I thought it fitting to break out my party dress made using  Donna Karan Vogue 1175 which I wrote about here .  Now, I never really intended this to be strictly a party dress, hence the more casual metal silk fabric but a tunic for layering, perfect for the uncertain weather we have at this time of the year.  Today, I started out with a merino underneath but it quickly became apparent that at 21 deg and a bright sunny day that I was going to be too warm in merino, hence the cotton tee worn in this picture.  The option is, however, there for cooler weather.  It proved to be the perfect outfit for a days shopping and a visit to the local cafe/bar later in the day.


  1. Those first 2 pictures made me smile... so naughty!
    Your dress is so nice, and it is great that you are getting some wear out of it in these cooler months too.


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