MMM12 - Day Sixteen

Today was cold...really cold.  Don't let the flowers and sun glasses fool you.  I woke this morning to rain drumming on the roof and dashed outside mid morning when the clouds parted long enough for the sun to shine through to take this photo.   It was also windy, so by the time I managed to get a photo without looking very windblown, my hands were starting to turn a little blue.  A 10 deg Celsius day is a bit of a shock to the system.  So today, to contain the heat, I am wearing a merino self drafted tunic that I made using all the leftovers in my stash, painstakingly pieced together.  This was one of the first projects that I wrote about on my blog.  This is still one of my favourites, being both warm and comfortable.  Today, I am wearing it with leggings and a merino polo neck.


  1. This is really cute. There is no way that tunic looks like leftover fabric, you are very clever.
    You also look warm, which is important!


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