MMM12 - Day Twelve

Today's me made outfit does not show a lot of imagination.  Today I am only wearing one me made item.  It is my favourite long sleeve tee that I wrote about here and made using Butterick 5562.  I would have been more adventurous but today I had a really early start for a Saturday and had to be out of the house by 8am, negotiating road closures and potholes to travel to the other side of the city (earthquake damage)  for my daughters soccer match.  Because it was so cold I had to cover said tee shirt with a warm woollen jumper and puffer jacket.  I would have braved the cold to take a photo of a rather spectacular mist rising over the park when the sun reached the playing fields but was cold, and I was sitting all toasty warm in the car with my coffee and knitting while my daughter did her 45 minute warm up.  So here you have it, the less interesting photograph taken at home after lunch once the sun had done it's thing and the mornings marathon sport session was over. 

With my favourite tee today, I am also wearing my favourite jeans which are now showing a little wear in the knee from all the time I have spent crawling around on the floor in cutting out sessions.  These jeans are soon to be replaced hopefully with a similar pair made using my Jalie pattern.


  1. That is a gorgeous Tshirt, I can see why you call it your favourite! And I would totally have braved the cold to get that spectacular mist shot... :) we don't get that very often here but I just love it when we do!


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