Thursday, May 31, 2012

MMM12 - Day 31/ New Cardigan

This cardigan/coat has been occupying my time lately.  With winter officially beginning tomorrow I was determined to get this project finished.  It has been a long process.  It was actually my camping project at Christmas but it was quite hard to get motivated for winter knitting over the warmer months so it has really been over autumn that this has been made.  The pattern was a Sabrina pattern from last winter.  It is knitted in double knit wool from Lincraft.  I have wanted one of these most versatile of garments for the last two winters and have seen some lovely examples of rtw cardigan coats on women in the streets but failed to find anything I liked in the shops.  This has been my real motivation for making this cardigan but to my surprise, I really enjoyed the process and had forgotten how relaxing knitting really is.  Before I had children, I seemed to always have something on the needles and could even be found knitting at work in my breaks.  The arrival of children meant I had less time for knitting and knitted garments seemed to fall out of favour in the fashion industry.  I have, however noticed, over the last couple of years, that knitted garments have become quite popular and all things retro including knitting have become fashionable again.

Today, I am wearing my new cardigan with a grey striped puffed sleeved tee made using Butterick 5562 that I wrote about here.  I am also wearing the Jalie red jeans that I wrote about here.  I initially thought these jeans were an absolute failure as they were extremely tight.  I removed the shaped high waistband and added the original Jalie waistband and now although more snug than I would like, they are definitely wearable, few!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leggings are not Pants/MMM12 - Day 30

I have really struggled with the whole leggings trend.  After wearing leggings through two pregnancies I really can't face wearing them again.  My one concession is to wear them with skirts or dresses, when I would otherwise be wearing tights.  When I read in a magazine that slim pull on pants are now replacing leggings, I couldn't have been more delighted and was only too pleased to jump on the current bandwagon.  Finding the two way stretch ponti was easy enough and I managed to pick up a couple of metres on the sale table for $6 per metre at Fabric Vision.  My next challenge was to draft a pattern.  I really wanted to differentiate these from leggings but not make them look like skinny jeans either.  I based my pattern on the Style Arc Laura Leggings pattern but added side seams and added 1cm to the width on each piece.  I then top stitched the outer leg seams and added a waistband and elastic.

I now have a pair of pants that are comfortable like leggings that don't show every lump and bump and can be worn with shorter tops.  Best of all, these pants are as comfortable as my favourite trackies.  Who ever said that you had to sacrifice comfort for style!

These new ponti pants are one of my me made items for today.  I am wearing them with the puffed sleeve tee made using Butterick 5562 and wrote about here and a scarf knitted using feathers.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MMM12 - Day 29

My Me Made May entries are suffering a little from cabin fever and I am rather tiring of the usual garden or park shots so for today at least, I thought I would step it up a bit.  There are no prizes for guessing what I did today.  I am wearing a grey merino cardigan made using Simplicity 2603 that predates my blog and black Jalie jeans that I wrote about here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

MMM12 - Day 28

The day today started out with blue skies and sunshine.  I put off taking my photo all morning because, well, the novelty of daily photographs is starting to wear thin.  I noticed about mid day, some ominous black clouds creeping across the sun so rushed out to get this shot before the light got too bad.  Today I am wearing the merino knit skirt I made earlier in the month and wrote about here and a bat wing knit tee I made using Vogue 8771 that I wrote about here

Sunday, May 27, 2012

MMM12 - Day 27

Today is a lovely early autumnal day with a high of 24 degrees Celsius, not a day normally associated with nearly June.  I am wearing my jandals today, which is unheard of for this time of the year and briefly thought about wearing shorts but my lily white legs would scare even the most hardy of natives.  My me made item for today, is this black and white bat wing tee that is one of my favourites and has been worn regularly over the summer months.  I made it using New Look 6648 and wrote about it here 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

MMM12 - Day 26

Today was another busy day on the soccer/rugby sideline.  I was going to get another in action sport shot but my photographers were otherwise engaged and setting up my tripod for a gratuitous self portrait just didn't seem right.

The day started out cold and still and by mid morning a breeze came up that made it draughty and colder, hence the layers.  For today's outdoor pursuits, I am wearing a me made tee, covered up by my jumper,  Jalie jeans that I made earlier this week and wrote about here and topped off with a me made crochet beanie.  In fact, the same beanie I wore last Saturday.

Friday, May 25, 2012

MMM12 - Day 25

It was 17 deg today when I woke at 6.30am but by the time the sun rose the temperature had plummeted to 11 deg with a howling southerly hence no lovely park photos today.  The sun did come out briefly mid afternoon, just in time for this photo.

Today I am wearing a denim skirt made using New Look 6345 that I wrote about here, and a  me made merino polo neck tee.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

MMM12 - Day 24

Today was another lovely autumnal day with a crisp start followed by a sunny and still day.  It is nice to be able to walk in the park without being encumbered with bulky jackets.  With June now only a week away, I am fully aware that this weather will not last.  It is a good thing it is Me Made May and not Me Made June or my photos would be variations of the few coats that are my staple throughout the winter.

Today I am wearing a stretch cotton shirt dress made using Simplicity 4190 that I wrote about here  Because it is late autumn I am wearing it today with the addition of a purple merino underneath, long leggings, elastic belt from Max and brogues from World for Number One Shoes.  I am also sporting the same bag as yesterday which contains my tennis racket and ball for exercising my fur friend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Skirt/MMM12 - Day Twenty Three

I made a new skirt.  I have seen a few casual knit skirts in blogesphere lately and knew I had to have one of my own.  I had a small amount of unbrushed merino Lycra in my stash left over from yoga pants that I made last winter and actually thought that I didn't have enough to make anything.  After pondering for a while, I realised that if I spliced the skirt I may just be able to fit the pieces in.

Because I really like the cut and fit of Vogue 1247, this became my starting point.  I added a little more width in the bottom of the skirt and of course, quite a bit of length, but because I removed the darts I had to run the side seams in.  The fabric was so stretchy there was also no need for a zip or elastic in the waistband.  I simply measured the correct size of my waist and this became the band.  I over locked the band on and top stitched it.  I am really thrilled with the results and feel this could become my new favourite skirt.   Today, I am also wearing a necklace and earrings made by my sister.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Jeans/MMM12 - Day Twenty Two

This has been rather a saga.  It all started with some lovely stretch denim that I bought in a sale at Lincraft.  I intended to make it into a new pair of Jalie jeans.  This would be my third pair and complacency started to creep in.  I didn't fit the jeans while making them and they fabric was not quite as stretchy as I would have liked.  I also added a curved high waistband.  All of this ended, in hindsight, predictably, in disaster and the jeans are too tight.  I can get them on, but they are less than comfortable, the type of jeans I may have put up with in my teens in the name of fashion but maturity has made me a little more discerning.

So, for now, the jeans remain a ufo.  I am tempted to take off the waistband and try a regular low rise waistband to see if that helps, but I am still in the tossed in the corner head space.

The jeans were made to solve a problem though.  My old Jalie jeans that I wrote about here have become quite thin in the knees due to the amount of crawling around on the floor that I do when cutting out.  This necessitated the making of a new pair, a pair that actually fits so undetered by my jeans disaster, I found some lovely stretchy dark green brushed cotton in my stash and carefully cut out a new pair, slightly wider than my pattern, just to be on the safe side.  I used some printed stretch cotton from the remnant box for inside the pockets so as not to create too much bulk.  Before topstitching my outer leg seams, I basted the inner leg seam to ensure the fit was perfect.  After a few adjustments and a little running in, I was happy with the fit and ripped open the inner leg seam and top stitched my side seam before finishing the jeans.  I am really happy with the way this pair fit.....lesson well and truly learn't.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MMM12 - Day Twenty One

I am nearing the end of my me made items and will soon have to begin repeating outfits.  I have seen a lot of mixing prints in  shops lately so thought I would give it a go.  The checked shirt is by Logan but the skirt is me made in stretch cotton adapted from New Look  6345.  I blogged about the skirt  here.  The leggings were made using Style Arc Laura leggings pattern in grey and blue cotton lycra and I blogged about them here.  The scarf is also me made in feathers and the bag that carries all my dog's ball, lead, camera and tripod, I blogged about here.   You can just see my dog wading around in the pond, just behind me. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

MMM12 - Day Twenty

Today was all about domestic activities punctuated by a very pleasant walk in the park with my son husband and the dog.  The morning started out extremely frosty but we were rewarded with a sunny and still day.  Note the absence of the scarf, beanie and puffer jacket that was necessary yesterday.  Today I am wearing merino blend yoga pants made by adapting McCalls 5251 which I wrote about here.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MMM12 - Day Nineteen

I had two games of kids rugby to watch this morning and it was seriously cold.  It was another overcast and blustery day today but this time with threatening rain.  In an attempt to keep warm while spending the morning in the middle of a sports ground, I am wearing jeans, boots, thermal socks, a me made scarf and beanie, Jalie hoody that I wrote about here, batwing top made using Vogue 8771 that I wrote about here and a down puffer jacket in an attempt to combat the cold.

Friday, May 18, 2012

MMM12 - Day Eighteen

Today was sunny but blustery with a high of 13 degrees celcius.  I think todays photo mini challenge was green, if I am not mistaken.  This one was easy for me because most of my backgrounds are green.  I am wearing today, my favourite skirt, made using Vogue 1247 that I wrote about here and a brushed cotton checked shirt made using New Look 6050 that I wrote about here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MMM12 - Day Seventeen

The weather today was much nicer than yesterday, a cloudless sunny day with no wind, perfect weather to be outdoors. 

Today I am wearing my new dress.  It was made using a tee shirting weight merino jersey that had been sitting in my stash since last winter.  The colour is a tomato red and it drapes beautifully so lent itself to  Donna Karan Vogue 1179.  I had read on Pattern Review that this particular pattern ran quite large, so I cut out a size 10, grading to a size 12 in the hips.  The arms were meant to be finished with clear elastic but this fabric was quite a stable knit so I felt it didn't require this type of finish and instead just used my cover stitch machine to give a neat finish.  The pattern also required a very deep 10cm hem which I felt looked a little untidy in the pattern photo so I used the cover stitch here again in a much smaller 3cm hem.

I am really happy with the way my dress turned out.  The sizing was spot on and it has made up into a really comfortable casual winter dress.  Would I sew this pattern again?  Probably not, because there is really a limit to how many versions of this type of tunic one person needs but all in all this is a pattern, I would recommend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MMM12 - Day Sixteen

Today was cold...really cold.  Don't let the flowers and sun glasses fool you.  I woke this morning to rain drumming on the roof and dashed outside mid morning when the clouds parted long enough for the sun to shine through to take this photo.   It was also windy, so by the time I managed to get a photo without looking very windblown, my hands were starting to turn a little blue.  A 10 deg Celsius day is a bit of a shock to the system.  So today, to contain the heat, I am wearing a merino self drafted tunic that I made using all the leftovers in my stash, painstakingly pieced together.  This was one of the first projects that I wrote about on my blog.  This is still one of my favourites, being both warm and comfortable.  Today, I am wearing it with leggings and a merino polo neck.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MMM12 - Day Fifteen

Today I am wearing a merino polo neck that predates my blog and a skirt I made using New Look 6345 and wrote about here and a red scarf knitted using feathers.

Today marks the halfway mark of the me made month. So far I have had only a couple of repeats with some me made items still unworn....yay! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

MMM12 - Day Fourteen

Today's outfit was chosen for it's comfort value.  I was planning on being home all day apart from the odd drop off, pick up and errand.  Today, I had no place I particularly need to be, the kind of Monday I particularly like to ease myself into an otherwise busy week.  I did however manage to squeeze in a little sewing.

The top I am wearing today, is vying for first place as my favourite top alongside the tee I wore on day 12/Saturday.  It was made using New Look 6648 and I wrote about it here.  Because it is autumn, I have teamed it with a rtw long sleeve black tee for extra warmth, although today was quite warm so I could probably have coped without it.  I am also wearing my second version of Jalie jeans made of stretch bengaline suiting that I wrote about here.  This is the second outing of these pants for Me Made May.  I am actually planning a new version of these pants.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MMM12 - Day Thirteen

This was the sort of photo I wanted to have as my Mothers Day version of MMM12 - Day 13 photo.  A nice family shot of some of my other me made creations.  The only problem is the me made creation standing to my right, i.e. annoying teenage son, thought it would be hilarious to shove us all into the bushes when the camera shutter went......

so we ended up with lots of shots that looked like this.....okay and lots of laughter as well.  I thought it may have been safer to take another photo later in the day when he was otherwise engaged

For today, I thought it fitting to break out my party dress made using  Donna Karan Vogue 1175 which I wrote about here .  Now, I never really intended this to be strictly a party dress, hence the more casual metal silk fabric but a tunic for layering, perfect for the uncertain weather we have at this time of the year.  Today, I started out with a merino underneath but it quickly became apparent that at 21 deg and a bright sunny day that I was going to be too warm in merino, hence the cotton tee worn in this picture.  The option is, however, there for cooler weather.  It proved to be the perfect outfit for a days shopping and a visit to the local cafe/bar later in the day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

MMM12 - Day Twelve

Today's me made outfit does not show a lot of imagination.  Today I am only wearing one me made item.  It is my favourite long sleeve tee that I wrote about here and made using Butterick 5562.  I would have been more adventurous but today I had a really early start for a Saturday and had to be out of the house by 8am, negotiating road closures and potholes to travel to the other side of the city (earthquake damage)  for my daughters soccer match.  Because it was so cold I had to cover said tee shirt with a warm woollen jumper and puffer jacket.  I would have braved the cold to take a photo of a rather spectacular mist rising over the park when the sun reached the playing fields but was cold, and I was sitting all toasty warm in the car with my coffee and knitting while my daughter did her 45 minute warm up.  So here you have it, the less interesting photograph taken at home after lunch once the sun had done it's thing and the mornings marathon sport session was over. 

With my favourite tee today, I am also wearing my favourite jeans which are now showing a little wear in the knee from all the time I have spent crawling around on the floor in cutting out sessions.  These jeans are soon to be replaced hopefully with a similar pair made using my Jalie pattern.

Friday, May 11, 2012

MMM12 - Day 11

A little greyge today.  This pinafore was made this time last year out of beige/grey ponti knit and I wrote about it here  This particular knit pinafore tunic has become one of my go to pieces for this time of the year for it's warmth, versatility and good looks.  Today, I have paired it with the tee that I made the other day and wrote about on MMM12 - Day9.  The two greys are quite different and when I first paired them, I thought they clashed badly but the look has grown on me over the course of the day.  Just to accentuate the black spot at the side of the tunic, I am also wearing a spotted scarf.  I have finished the whole look off with black wool, yes I know, time to break out the wool again, tights and my go to black riding boots.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MMM12 - Day 10

Because of the rain and less that tropical weather, today I dressed for comfort.  I am wearing a black merino cardigan that I made using Simplicity 2603 and predates my blog as well as Jalie jeans made of charcoal grey stretch suiting that I wrote about here.

I apologise for the quality of today's photo. I usually take my photos before mid day but this morning it was raining and I subsequently forgot. I quickly rushed out at 5pm as the light was fading to get this shot. I will try not to be so remiss in the future. It is especially important at this time of the year when the light is low to get my photos at the optimum time of day for light....lesson learned!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stripes/MMM12 - Day Nine

After last weeks marathon coat making effort, I felt like taking it a little more easy on the sewing front.  A tee shirt project proved to be exactly that.  I used Butterick 5562 again.   This time using some lovely two tone grey tee shirting knit.  After the success of the previous tee using this pattern, it was one I was keen to use again.  I had seen lots of puffed sleeved tees in similar tones made in merino so knew the finished result would like nice and I wasn't disappointed.  Grey seems to be the new black in my wardrobe this year.  I can see a definite trend developing as Me Made May progresses.

Today, I am wearing my new tee with a wool blend knit vest by Mya, skirt made using Vogue 1247 that I wrote about here , grey leather boots by Bellini and teal blue scarf that I inherited from my daughter.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MMM12 - Day Eight

I went to cheer on my youngest son who was running a cross country today, hence the casual outfit.  He managed to win it so was one proud boy and I am one proud Mum.   Today I am wearing a linen skirt that I made using New Look 6918 and wrote about here and checked shirt I made last month using New Look 6050 and wrote about here.  The weather man promised us 21 deg celcius today, but it took most of the day to get there hence the cardigan which is by Max.  The leather boots are by Mia and bought from Endless.

Monday, May 7, 2012

MMM12 - Day Seven/Charcoal and Claret

My husband was away last week working in Sydney so what better opportunity to sink my teeth into a big project.  The weather is cooling dramatically so this coat is starting to be needed now.  The fabric is wool flannel from one of my op shop hauls that I wrote about here.  I only had 2 metres of this fabric which necessitated trimming it with something else.  I was very pleased with myself when, on visiting the fabric shop, my $8 wool flannel retailed at $60 per metre....score!  Anyho, because the grey wool flannel had a reddish tinge to it, I decided to trim it with this dark red wool fabric kind of reminiscent of claret. Because I was only doing the front facings, sleeve facings and the collar in red, I only needed to buy 40 centimetres of the red fabric. 

For the pattern I used Simplicity 2508.  I cut it to a size 10 and size 12 in the hips as normal but this pattern runs extremely large and I ended up adjusting it after the fact taking in a total of 6cm in the hips in total and adding more definition in the waist area and back darts.

I had already bought some taffeta lining from Spotlight to line the coat but felt that I needed to make it a little warmer.  Our winters are not nearly as savage as a lot of the northern hemisphere experiences but we do get some frosts in the winter and I also wanted this coat to take me to the rugby in the evening if required as well.  I wanted something reasonably light weight and not to add bulk to the coat.  I had some very fine microfleece in my stash from my nappy making days, so this was the perfect use for it.  The challenge then was to stitch in to the lining and have everything sit neatly without either bunching or making the seams to bulky.  This is how I did it:

Firstly I lay my lining and microfleece interlining pieces flat and pinned them all of the way around and then I stay stitched them in place using a 1.2cm seam allowance.

I then trimmed my microfleece interlining back to within a couple of millimetres of the stitching, being very careful not to cut the taffeta lining. 

My cutting got a little wobbly in places because I couldn't find my little scissors at the time, but it didn't matter because this wasn't seen in the finished product.  Once all of the interlining had been stitched to my pieces, I then proceeded to sew my lining as normal.  My seam being 1.5cm, it covered the stay stitching on the interlining so there was no need to remove it.

To complete the coat, I added large red buttons with metal centres on the front of the coat and matching smaller buttons on the sleeve cuffs.

The coat got it's inaugural wear this morning when I had to take my son to the doctor early.  It is deliciously warm and cosy to wear and I am sure it will become a wardrobe staple as the weather closes in.

This new coat was my main me made item of clothing today, but I also wore, a me made skirt, and merino polo neck top but I will save that post for another day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

MMM12 - Day 6

Today was my nieces first birthday and she was "over the moon" with her new teddy bear.  Actually her mother, my sister was more enamoured with it, my niece just wanted the pretty bow that the parcel was decorated with.  It is a busy time in my family for birthdays with 3 nieces and my mother celebrating this week.  Any ho, today my hounds tooth knit dress that I made using Butterick 5523 and wrote about here got it's first outing.  The weather today is overcast and cool and, as you can tell by the picture, quite breezy. 

I had been looking forward to seeing the perigee moon or super moon tonight, but unfortunately because it is overcast, this isn't going to happen.  Oh well, at least the ware wolves won't be keeping me up tonight!